Gold In the Pan

Important information from the Office of My Kitchen: Listen, these chicken strips won’t double-batter and fry themselves. I’m here to facilitate. Breaded with flour, Herbs de Provence, Lowry’s Season Salt, onion powder, egg, milk. Homefries could’ve fried further, but I got impatient. Honey mustard made by pouring honey and brown mustard into a bowl and […]

Working Up My Chops

1/3 lb Center-cut pork chop (5/8″ will do) Dust with seasoning salt Rub on dollops of chili powder Season with thyme, basil, oregano. Pepper to taste. Flip and repeat for second side. Pan fry in olive oil; sear both sides of chop for 30 seconds before continuing to fry. Flip occasionally to prevent chop from […]