I never saw the twin-tailed comet Neowise.I never let its dim rays flicker into my dim vision.I will now have to wait 6,700 years. I could never escape the light of the city.I could never escape the quarantine apartment.I could never escape the articles hinting where to look if I would only look at their […]

Dark Spots

A few weeks ago, a previously unknown-to-me solar observatory in Sunspot, AZ was shut down and evacuated by FBI action. Rumors circulated. Turns out their reason was that an Internet crime had happened at a related IP address. Something about child porn. Troublesome to hear, but whatever. That’s just an appendix. The backstory behind the […]

Earthbound and Down

Perhaps the most sobering thought is that, after a lifetime of dreaming, I’m still going to die on this planet. That after thinking about galaxies, looking up at the stars, writing about extra-planetary travel, reading books and listening to programs about life out there, and trying to raise myself above whatever provincial concerns that surround […]

Golden Jerks

Travesty. I found the “video images” track from the Voyager Golden Disk on, officially from NASA. Was thinking about writing software to decode it to get the source images. Y’know, as an exercise. However, on closer inspection, it sounds like it has been intentionally denatured with a chorus and delay to keep it from […]