In the Valley In the Fold

How do we know god exists? We cannot see god, but we can see the evidence of god. Is cleavage boobs? No, cleavage is not boobs. We cannot see boobs. But we know boobs exist because cleavage exists.

“Ah!” you say, “what about butt? Butt has cleavage!” That is true and good. We cannot see butt, but we know that butt exists. Cleavage could be many things. Manifold evidence!

Perhaps polycleavism is the one true path.

“Ah!” you say, “but I can bend my finger and create cleavage. I’m I a god?”

As is said in the verses: “Where two or more folds of skin are gathered in my name, so I am there among you.”

So like a trained yogi, we can all bend into holiness.

Divided Lanes (PPP)

The Conservative says, “We should not have to pay the medical bills of cyclists who carelessly get injured by cars on the road. If they didn’t want to get hurt, they should’ve been in a car.”

The Liberal says, “Fine. We’ll mandate helmets, headlights, taillights, high-viz vests, and register all bicycles against theft. Nobody should be unsafe regardless of social status.”

The Libertarian says, “Fine. We don’t believe in more laws, but while we’re at it, those helmets must comply with strict safety rules so onerous that only the companies we own stock in can legally manufacture them. No laws!”


Apparently this is post 939 on this blog. I would’ve rolled 1000 years ago if FecalDook and Shwitter hadn’t stolen my gas. Those platforms have really exhausted me. It’s bad enough that FB has turned into a shit pile of late: 3 posts from friends — only 1 of which is from today — and then nothing but “Suggested For You” teasers mixed with ads.

It’s like they’re repeating the mantra “Brought to you be Carl’s Jr” over and over in a panic as the world burns around them. Praying for that last bit of money. Clutching at dimes.

I make posts, but they get sucked into the vacuum, and it becomes a zero sum game. Negative sum, really. I get nothing out of it. And after that pandemic isolation, I’m fucking hungry for feedback.

To hell with apps.


Based on my YouTube suggested videos, Google thinks I’m a lefty urbanist who’s fascinated with trains, planes, bikes, walkable neighborhoods, civil infrastructure, and has a passing interest in science, psychology, sex ed, and questionable comedians. There’s some malignant threads of amateur radio and electronics tacked on for good measure.

Damn, do they have me binned.