AFK errand

Now that I’m fully settled into my apartment, have my work-from-home desk going again, and have fully set up my couch and entertainment center (complete with TV, amp, speakers, and all the A/V gear working together, unlike the last apartment), I seldom spend any quality time at my personal workstation. With all the time I lose sitting at my WFH station fucking off, then spending hours afterward making up for lost time out of rancid shame, and then tuning out with some streaming media later, there’s just no time or space for doing anything of substance with my personal time. My personal projects are dead.

Like my dreams.


So far, I’ve avoided signing up for any streaming music services. My fear is that once I do, I will cease collecting music which directly supports the artists that I love. Who needs to buy albums when you can just queue them up for pennies on the dollar?


It’s like paying for a monthly membership to a private club where you can tip the DJ to play anything in the world. Meanwhile, the bartender takes notes on what you’re requesting; sometimes, he’ll even suggest something for you to request and give you a discounted drink if you do. It could be the bartender’s cousin’s garage band for all you know, but you follow the suggestion. The DJ slips him a fiver for his work. And when the bouncer decides your money is no longer good, you’re out the door with nothing to listen to at home.

Musicians must have millions of streams to break even, and even then it’s…pennies on the dollar. And if your band has more than one person, then each member’s cut amounts to a slap in the face with a wet fish.

Until such a day as I get tired of maintaining a physical and electronic catalog, I’ll keep collecting. I just don’t want to open that floodgate.

Solo Pot Roast, 2020 Edition

Spending Thanksgiving 2020 alone and away from your family? Treat yourself by making Pot Roast! Here’s a recipe in 10 easy steps. You’ll absolutely love that flaky crust!

1: Purchase a 2lb bottom round roast. Find a cut with good marbling and a thick strap of fat.

2: Peel and chop onions, potatoes, and carrots.

3: Open the meat package and discover it is turning gray under the labels, even though you bought it yesterday and it doesn’t expire for another two days.

4: Cut off the bad half and hope the good half is salvageable, despite the line of gray under the pink outside. Rub with olive oil and seasonings. Sear on medium-high heat, a minute on each side.

5: Collect your spices and herbs, and mix together to create your seasoning sauce.

6: After some pained hesitation, place meat in crock pot and cover with veggies. Pour the sauce evenly over the contents, place cover, and turn on the pot.

7: Cook for 5 hours or until tender, or until you ultimately decide you don’t want food poisoning again.

8: Throw entire meal away. Not even the veggies are salvageable. Save your tears for later.

9: Remove turkey pot pie from box and microwave for six minutes or until hot.

10: Tastes like giving up! Mmmmm!