Golden Jerks

Travesty. I found the “video images” track from the Voyager Golden Disk on, officially from NASA. Was thinking about writing software to decode it to get the source images. Y’know, as an exercise.

However, on closer inspection, it sounds like it has been intentionally denatured with a chorus and delay to keep it from being decoded. By overlapping with a variable delay of 3/4 to 2 seconds, it’s impossible to get the original signal back clean enough to decode. And even if I could, I’d still get doubled and ghosted images, just like poor reception in the analog TV days of old. The musical segment of this posted sound has no such delay at all.


My parents’ tax dollars and hopes went toward those missions, and my tax dollars and hopes went to the interns who transcribed the NASA archives and posted them to the web. Is it really that important to protect the copyrights of the photographers who submitted their works to be shot into space? It’s public domain. Galactic domain, really. As a human species, we all own it; that was Sagan’s dream.

NASA, please go back to the archives and find a pristine copy.

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