Dream Down

Dreams are bullshit and mean nothing, generally. But sometimes they can be used to reveal where your head’s at. Here’s where my head’s at: I’m hanging out with a lot of people, out in the world. Finally, there’s society. We’re talking, having fun. Sun’s out and everything’s green and warm. Blue sky day. This girl […]


I read the news and all I have is worry. Seems the few want to control the many. Some of the many want to be left alone, but the larger part of the many agree to the control as a proxy means of controlling the many. They themselves are being controlled, but they don’t care, […]

On the Agency of God

If god doesn’t directly control your life, but indirectly influences it by manipulating others and shifting circumstances outside of your control, then that’s logically inconsistent. The agents of his control would vary depending on who he was trying to influence. God would be directly controlling you if you were those other people. What about them? […]