Quiet Night, Cold City

Quiet night. Cold front has us all down, low, homebodied, sheltered in place. Chat is quiet. Phone is quiet. Internet is quiet. Been home all day, restless evening, nothing doing. I get stir-crazy like this and don’t feel like life is lived right if I’m home alone all day, and them old feelings come raging […]

Cold Burn

Getting a lot of Facebook ads to join several of many “burner” groups. I may be friends with many people in the local burner community, but I am not a burner myself. It’s like Facebook doesn’t even know me. For that much, you also don’t know me. Maybe that’s by design. If so, then I […]

Bug Juice

Been a few days since I’ve touched the booze, and I’m fine with that. Actually, since I started antibiotics for bronchitis last week, it’s been a rather dry week. Again, fine with that. I recognize that I do my liver no good service with carrying on the family tradition. But now that the antibiotic regimen […]