Quiet Night, Cold City

Quiet night. Cold front has us all down, low, homebodied, sheltered in place. Chat is quiet. Phone is quiet. Internet is quiet. Been home all day, restless evening, nothing doing. I get stir-crazy like this and don’t feel like life is lived right if I’m home alone all day, and them old feelings come raging […]

On 44

Every day I’m dying, figuratively speaking. Ossifying. I’d like to think that I’m a vivacious operative of my own destiny, but that’s not exactly the case. If you don’t know what to make of that, you’re not 44. It does me no service to look back and see where I may have gone wrong, or […]


Those of you coming around because you saw my URL in an image macro I created: Welcome. This is my personal blog; as such, this is the dumping ground of my long-form, frequently emofuck nonsense that isn’t fit for sharing on my Facebook feed. The rest of you not from Facebookia: you’re still welcome. This […]