Part of a series from the travelog of my trip to Seattle in October 2022.

Got up, pulled myself together, final pack, then check out of AirBnB #1 by 9:30am. I’d never be this early in my own time zone.

Fair breakfast fare at Sugar & Salt

Walked down 62nd one last time on 24th to some breakfast joint called Sugar & Salt. It was OK, but mediocre. I think the breakfast stuff was tacked onto the original concept (Lebanese fare), and they just phoned it in. You go for the atmosphere and a place to sit. Anyway, ate, scrolled, and planned my way south to rendezvous with Joe, because I still have 5 hours before check-in of AirBnB #2.

Took the 40 downtown, then the 8 up. Saw wild things, like a homeless guy get up from his brick exhaust vent bed behind a Whole Foods, walk over to a rental E-bike, and just start pedaling it across and down the street while it chirped away without pay. A man who does not care just does not fucking care.

Seattle, y’all.

Ada’s Books and Cafe
Rooftop. View. Olympic Mountains are visible across the Sound.

Hung out with Joe. Did a load of laundry at his house, thankfully. Toured around Cap Hill for place setting. Went to Ada’s Bookstore and Cafe, had brunch. Back to his place for rooftop views, then off to walk around Cap Hill and Broadway for getting a feel for the built landscape. Life in the gayborhood. Cal Anderson Park, where CHAZ happened. The BLM street mural. The police station that was evacuated during the protests.

Reflecting pool at Cal Anderson Park
Skate park at Cal Anderson Park

We waited in line for 40 minutes for some really, really good ramen at Danbo. Walked uphill to Bites of Bangkok to sit at the bar for drinks and laughs with the bartender. Sloshed home.

Super good ramen. Super good. Worth the wait.

AirBnB #2 is interesting and modernized, but has old-building problems: cold, drafty, leaning and creaking floors, traffic noise through the single-hung windows. Figured out how to turn on the floorboard radiators for heat, put on the leggings I haven’t needed until now, prepped for bed. Sheets get clammy when it’s cold.

Brrr, Seattle.

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