Part of a series from the travelog of my trip to Seattle in October 2022.

Up and at-em at 8:30, spontaneously. I think my body clock is adjusting. Rather, it didn’t. Pulled a late one — sobering up from going to sleep at 1:30. Oops.

Granola bar and uncomfortable shower in a dim bathroom. I’ve had worse. Really good dump. Rare this week.

Put my thermal leggings back on — 50’s today, but 15 MPH winds. Life in the Sound. Walked down and am having breakfast at Oddfellows Cafe on Joe’s recommendation. Eggs benny is pretty good. Good Americano. Sitting at the bar. Barista kicking ass.

The bar is the best place to sit in any cafe. Come for the food, stay for the floor show.

Plan today is walking up to see the Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee graves, then the “Black Sun” statue, the Asian conservatory, then the apartment house from “Singles”. Lord knows what else. Seattle.

Did all that. Volunteer park is actually very lovely and peaceful, despite the stiff wind. Maybe because of it. Up on a hill, high enough for a water reservoir and a brick and steel water tower. And lots of horizontal space.

What surprises me is how Seattle parks just work — their bathrooms are open, functional, bright, not clean, but also not sketchy. Tax dollars at work for everyone. The homeless problem has cities all over cutting back on public services and public spaces. There’s less of that here. Austin has all but closed its park bathrooms in exchange for building big high-tech, automatic-locking, camera-monitored lavatories. So expensive. People just need a sanitary place to piss.

“Black Sun”, by Isamu Noguchi (1969), inspiration for Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun”

The “Black Sun” statue is impressive. Built in 1969 by Isamu Noguchi. Twelve feet tall, five feet thick, cut black granite, with lobes, bulges, cuts. From the right angle, you can see the Space Needle through the center.

The graves of Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee in Lake View Cemetery

Lots of Japan-US representation in Volunteer Park. Same with Lake View Cemetery next door. Bruce & Brandon Lee’s graves are joyful and somber. Saw people taking selfies and striking poses — just seems too gauche, to gawdy, too disrespectful. Memento Mori, not Memento Selfi.

I actually got a little superstitious. Saw my reflection in the grave marble, moved out of it quickly. Just felt like bad luck. Even took a selfie in the apartment later with my eyes closed, pretending to sleep, but with the angle in the easy chair, it looked like a grave viewing. My time is short – don’t remind me. Not unless I ask to be reminded. [shudders]

The apartment building from the movie “Singles”

Ate a granola bar to recover lost sugar. Bused down to the “Singles” apartment house and walked around on the back side of Cap Hill. Had coffee. Called mom. Walked home and rested. Rest is important.

Dick’s is the place where the cool hang out, the S.W.A.S.S. come to play, and the rich flaunt clout.

Hunger arose, so Joe and I ate at Dick’s Burgers on Broadway (Posse UP!). I’ve finally eaten a bag of Dick’s.

Walked to both ends of Broadway proper. Saw the Jimi Hendrix statue in front of the art store, across the street from Seattle Central College. Found the UPS store where I’ll ship out my knives and souvenirs on Sunday before my flight.

Had drinks at the Yeti Bar, then stumbled uphill to our respective homes just before the rains hit. Sleepy night.

Dance steps embedded in the sidewalk along Broadway

Just another rainy night, without you. Seattle.

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