Twenty Years

Ah yeah, forgot to post this.

$ whois
Domain Name: PHAYSIS.COM
Creation Date: 2000-04-14T14:49:59Z
Updated Date: 2020-03-06T01:19:03Z

Phaysis-the-domain is 20 years old this week. Twenty. Phaysis-the-site exists for about 21 years, since I switched from my The Farm subdomain hosted at my dialup ISP to my first CGI-enabled subdomain at a proper webhost oh so long ago.

So long ago.

And now, like then, Phaysis still defines me; a state of change that is not changing, a state of stasis that is not stayed. Life moves like a glacier the closer you get to the curve, and you only see the drastic change when you step back and look across the expanse of time. And my, how I’ve changed.

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