Twenty Years

Ah yeah, forgot to post this. $ whois phaysis.comDomain Name: PHAYSIS.COMCreation Date: 2000-04-14T14:49:59ZUpdated Date: 2020-03-06T01:19:03Z Phaysis-the-domain is 20 years old this week. Twenty. Phaysis-the-site exists for about 21 years, since I switched from my The Farm subdomain hosted at my dialup ISP to my first CGI-enabled subdomain at a proper webhost oh so long ago. […]

Ten and Eight

Today is 18 years in Austin. Long, hard road; long strange trip; yadda-yadda-yadda. I guess it’s pivotal that I closed a dark chapter in my life a few days before the anniversary. The new job is demanding, but I’m not feeling despondent yet, so I guess that’s something. Personally, it’s time to turn some things […]

Year and a Day

Personally, I subscribe to the “one year and one day” concept in matters of learning a vocation, skill, belief, or hobby. During that period, a person is considered an initiate, a neophyte, a newbie. They may know a few things, but they’re only learning. They can’t be promoted to higher levels of trust during this […]