Foot Path

My longtime friend Pat is moving back home to Wisconsin this week. 16 years is a long time to know a guy and to live in one town. I was one of the reasons he moved here in 2002. But, citing the growing cost of living here, the lack of potential in this town, and […]

Stumptown Thoughts

I’ve been asked to cobble together my thoughts on my trip to Portland, to give my impression on the city, the state, and its people. It’s taken me a while to digest and put it into words, because the city doesn’t exactly have a strong flavor. In my five days of taste-testing, there’s just no singular […]


sept-oct 1996 move move fear inside no time not friend can’t send rough closure see you, see me shake, hand, wave sign goodbye for all of life as far as I see what’s new what’s called lied tonight and bawled final page final book no redo no back look no time sigh non do run […]