1999-04-23 The Farm (from the archives)

Part of a series of posts from my old website archives. Enjoy!

4.23.99 The Farm

Got Dammit?
Got Dammit?

Ah, the juicy juxtaposition. My best creation yet. Disturbing.

Something struck me earlier this evening. Said “God dammit” with a drawl, and it came out “got dammit.” Got Dammit? After two hours of finding images of the Sistine Chapel, cropping them, pasting them together, and hammering out the final image, it’s done. I like it.

Gutterhaunt‘s site is coming along well. I’ve finally got an idea of where everything should go and the general feel of it all pretty much set in stone. I’m setting a lot of stuff, but I’m a little slow on uploading them. I prefer to just wait until things are ready. I’m a perfectionist – sue me. :)

I’m desperately seeking out web hosts with space to rent. I have a few choice hosts, and a set of favorable domain names so far. I’m now saving up for the big setup expenditure. I estimate it’ll take between $150 to $200 to get set up. I can’t wait. Wanna make a donation? Let’s talk!

For those of you who remember The Farm in its past glory, I’m not sure if I want to bring that back. As fun as it was, and as much time as I put in it, I don’t know if I want to make much ado about nothing. Not that your work was nothing, nor mine; I think I’ll not have much of that “community” stuff and have more “me” stuff. This is my 3 megs of webspace, and I would like to make it about me. Email me with comments.

-Shawn, Rufus, Cedar, or whateva

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