1999-05-11 The Farm (from the archives)

5.11.99 The Farm


Got Dammit?
Got Dammit?

Greetings. There’s been a little work on my banner ad, as well as the site. I updated the image above to include my site name and spiffed-up this page. I was in the mood to code.

Here’s the story behind the banner: one night, I said “God dammit” with a drawl, and it came out “got dammit.” Got Dammit? With a little bit of sleuthing, I found images of the Sistine Chapel and worked on them until I finished my vision. I love instant artistic gratification.

Ongoing Goings-On

For those of you who may be following my work on the Gutterhaunt site and wondering to yourself “Why the hell hasn’t he updated it?”, I assure you I’m still working on it. Like I said, I’m slow on the coding, the images, the updating, but I am still working on it. Sounds like an empty promise, doesn’t it?

Most of my time is sucked up by my job, my free time is spent taking care of a lot of business and pleasure, and by the time I do finally get free time, I’m drained. Sounds like an excuse. I know.

Walk a mile in my Skechers.

I have a dream…

I’m still seeking web hosts with space to rent. I have a few choices, and a set of favorable domain names, but money for setup I do not have. That’s what I get for having gone to a private college for too long, trying to pay for my own car, paying for the privelege of being online, and living the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed. However, I can’t wait to get set up. Wanna make a donation? Let’s talk!

Until later-

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