Finally got to my first Twitter post ever.

“Well, shit” indeed.

I’ve been on a campaign to delete as many tweets as I can. Knocking off the low-performers, the dumb posts, written in haste, zero-engagement, etc.

I could only go so far back in the timeline before the infinite scroll stops scrolling. Twitter stops showing older posts at a certain point, no matter how many times I refresh. So my only choice has been to give it a week of rest before the algorithm reloaded older posts from the archives just to fill out the scroll cache.

Tonight, I finally got the last stretch of posts to the beginning, and boy howdy, I was on some shit.

Instead of deleting my account, and risking it being revived by spambots, I’m just culling bullshit tweets, unfollowing weak associations, and removing messages, retweets, and likes. Anything to make my account less usable to a solipsistic capitalist warlord and his galley of H1B visa captives.

This twitter meltdown really has be bummed.

Today’s total outage highlighted how far the platform has fallen. Now I wish it greater gravity and a steeper trajectory to burn up on reentry.

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