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Well, dammit.

I didn’t withhold enough federal tax throughout 2022; now I have to pay the shortfall. It’s really not much, considering how much was withheld and how much I owe according to my tax bracket. But still, no refund this year.

Haven’t had to pay when filing since 2000-ish when I made a clerical error on my W-4.

Now I gotta get smarter about adjustments and deductions — or just withhold more tax out of each paycheck, which is what I did tonight shortly after filing. Logged into my company payroll and filed a new W-4, same settings as before, but added extra deduction per check.

Good thing I don’t have to figure for kids, wife, property, or cryptocoin.

In a perfect world, The Man would have exactly what I owe him, and not a penny more. Refunds are nothing but a little reward he gives if you let him have more of your money to buy bombs with. If you play it right, the refund is exactly $0.00.

But who’s got a crystal ball?

Anyway, Damn The Man. Unless he’s doing something righteous with them gains. I’m no anti-tax blowhard; I just want them spent on the common good.

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