“The unexamined life is not worth living.” I’ve seen this platitude festoon an abundance of freshman blogs and journals that ramble on before their eventual abandonment.

Judging from the state of my life and the state of my own blog and journal, I’ll go on to say that the examined life isn’t that much farther advanced.

My internal voice has been rather quiet of late, overpowered by demands and voices coming through the earbuds, interrupted by external factors that I pull near. I spend little time these days staring at nothing for long enough to get bored and have thoughts solid enough to write down as conversation. It’s all panic and need. I hope I’ll carve out space enough soon to exist with no-mindedness.

Until then, there’s just this mental senioritis of being so over it and not wanting to feel. I bring in too many anesthetics.

I need aesthesia.

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