Infallible, Inconceivable, Inconsolable

There are four professions in which one can never, ever be wrong (especially when they are wrong):

  • Cop
  • Politician
  • Preacher
  • Teacher

This week I talked with a teacher I tangentially knew at a bar, and we found there was some common ground between us. As the chatter went on, I said something that she didn’t think was correct, so she put on the brakes as we hashed it out. Went so far as to look at her phone long enough to find something that supported her claim; even got others involved.

I know my experience taught me one thing, her experience taught her something else. But I was wrong, because she couldn’t possibly be wrong. She’s a teacher, and teachers tell students what’s up.

Having no other graceful out, I referenced the conversation we were just having before our argument, wished her well, and did the Irish exit. So I’m stupid and wrong.

Why does this burn me still?

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