sept-oct 1996

fear inside
no time
not friend
can’t send
rough closure
see you, see me
shake, hand, wave
for all of life
as far as I see
what’s new
what’s called
lied tonight and bawled
final page
final book
no redo
no back look
no time
sigh non
do run run
rising sun
number one
no see fun
but fear
unknown things
unknown homes
unknown means
nothing seems
vapor dreams
precious things
human beings
broken beams
hidden seams
he who deems
sigh I
cry I
dry eye
speed fast me
drive far I
work hard myself
sigh, broke, back
twig, snap, heal
to now
no more
far away
fear in
fear here
so close
so near
who me
I send
cold fallow heart
non end
e. passing day
new time away
sleep eat and pray
for tomorrow
for today
new firmament
now I relent
new passing things
getting settled dreams
so I believe
I was, so far behind
not me who’s now
but me ’til now
non currently
that is me
I move I say
from these today
but follow me
to atlantic sea
where I be
non fixed here now
on home ground
affixed to me
follow I no free
so move
move I there
shallow stare
demons non joy give me now
so fear I tread
’til I’m dead
that closure seems
just in my dreams

Published by Shawn

He's just this guy, you know?