youth-dreams of hobbled by addictions afflictions scream away from selfsame death of normality this-is-our-life deluded we run our present we ruin our future old-screams without health no thing hobbled by limp gimp backbreak neckache give me pain no peace no life wait life yes feel something some thing with this good shit we can be […]

Windcatcher and Sad Echo

8/6/96 10:30pm ah, god I feel like I’m pushing against the air empty hands, hollow, and holding back the wind just slips through and blows past me, leaving me behind. trying too hard trying to run so fast, I thought I was the breeze itself hoping at least to maybe feel the wind’s resistance hoping […]


sept-oct 1996 move move fear inside no time not friend can’t send rough closure see you, see me shake, hand, wave sign goodbye for all of life as far as I see what’s new what’s called lied tonight and bawled final page final book no redo no back look no time sigh non do run […]

Gaslight in our Front Yard

Gaslight comes through the window of my bedroom. Its incandescent hues cast a broken square upon my wall. It makes the old paint glow a faded yellow-white. I can see the moving shadow of the curtains blowing to the beat of evening breezes. Lying in my bed, I feel so much; only a child, but […]