In the End

Same company, same job, new role. Heavy duties. Soul-crushing. Instead of making sure typical users can play Farmville while on Skype with company hardware, I’ll be managing a room full of test systems, each identical except for their own particular quirks, while I attempt to run a range of benchmarks on them to determine how much of our product fails across the operating envelope. The guy doing it now is reaching the end of his contract this week, and I have 3 days to spin up and learn what he has taken 2 years to know. The training should’ve started a month ago. Fuck-My-Life is right.

I’m not one to revel in the chance for overtime. My preferred life balance involves office hours exclusively between Monday and Friday during the daytime. This new role means I have to drag my ass to the lab during nights and weekends to push buttons and change hardware if something goes into the weeds so badly that I can’t operate it from my remote connection. I even have a weekly call at 9 PM on Thursdays because the guy requesting this data is in India. I’m not happy at all.

I know I have an existential crisis on my hands. I know I’m the master of my own fate and all that bullshit. But I also know this pain is just the initial stretching out as it’s reamed into me. If I just relax and go with it, maybe the pain will subside. Maybe? Shit, I might even enjoy it before my own contract ends. Who knows.

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