Shit and Pony Show

I think I should just quit. Just fucking quit. Leave this job I need to survive. Give away my things (sell what I can, if I’m not too shellshocked to ask money for it), move out to a shit town in the middle of nowhere, and just wait for death. Maybe Death By Redneck is a valid life goal, who fucking knows.

The new role is shit, with a side of shit. Spread it around into nights and weekends. That comes close to what will be on my plate for the next months. I’m having difficulty wrapping my head around what the hell is going on. I’d hope it will get better, but I’ve given up on hope.

Sat in on a call tonight at 9pm with the team, some of which are in India and China. I’m OK with understanding most accents, but when you squeeze their voice through a VoIP connection, transfer it to the land line between my company’s PBX and my cell carrier, and then through the cell network to my shitty cellphone, what starts as a Chinese engineer speaking proper English drenched in technical jargon becomes a streaming, clipped garble of non-sequiturs. It’s reminiscent of how my brain functions when I’m stoned: I hear half of the words, and the rest fall on the floor; the ones I do manage to hear make absolutely no sense at all. I can’t connect the god damned dots.

And I’m supposed to be a contributing member of the team?

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