Holy Season?

I am not Christian, so I do not celebrate the birth of Christ.
I am not Jewish, so I do not burn nine candles when one will suffice.
I am not Druid, so I do not decorate evergreen trees with charms.
I am not Wiccan, so I do not celebrate the impregnation of the Moon Goddess and mourn the death of the Sun God.
I am not Dutch, so I do not anticipate a visit from Sinterklaas or fear the arrival of Krampus.
I am not Viking, so I do not burn an oak Yule log or sacrifice a boar to the god of farming.
I am not African, so I do not adorn myself in kente cloth.
I am not Roman, so I do not celebrate Saturnalia.
I am not a Consumer, so I do not buy gifts for friends and family as placebo for doing so year-round.

Please tell me, again, why I should be required to celebrate this holiday?

That being said, I do enjoy some of the ritual of the season; feasting with friends, getting drunk when the time is right. Hell, I’ll sometimes drive around and look at the christmas lights on neighborhood houses. Otherwise? Sorry, pal.

Published by Shawn

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