Those of you coming around because you saw my URL in an image macro I created: Welcome. This is my personal blog; as such, this is the dumping ground of my long-form, frequently emofuck nonsense that isn’t fit for sharing on my Facebook feed.

The rest of you not from Facebookia: you’re still welcome. This post is to welcome visitors on the off chance that the image gets some popularity (hey, this is the Internet; things go viral sometimes). It was inspired by my buddy Chris Farrell while sitting on the porch at Epoch Coffee. He looked at the port-a-potty across the street and called it a “Turdis”, an obvious reference to the blue police phone box featured on a popular long-running British sci-fi series. I nudged him to make the macro, but he conceded by saying he had no computer skills to make one, so I stepped into the breach and did it.

Photo of a blue Port-a-Potty resembling a police box from London
It’s bigger on the inside.

Eh, it’s good for a few laughs. A few. And you’re welcome.

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