The Lap Has Its Warmer Again

Wednesday at work, I’m tooling along, running one of the machines. The receptionist yells for my attention, I turn around, and as she presents me with a shipping box, she says, “Is this what you’re looking for?” Shocked that I got the package two days before expected, I hungrily grab for it, clutch it close, and run, apelike, back into my little corner to covet my prize. I got my laptop back.

During lunch, I gave the thing a lookover to see what Dell actually did. They replaced the keyboard and the motherboard, but that’s all they replaced. Bastards. I was kinda pissed. When I noticed the brand new hairline cracks on the top plastic, next to the hinges, I got angry. I remembered that I saw that the service depot had improperly closed the lid before packing and shipment. The latching hook on the left edge of the lid was outside of the body of the case instead if inside the pocket where it belongs, and it was shipped like that air freight. Bad. Bad. Bad. That got me furious.

Stupid outsourced repair shops. Solectron be damned.

So, when I get home, I reinstall the hard drive, battery, and plug it up for a thorough shakeout. Everything boots fine, fine. I go one step beyond, and install the thing on the docking station to see if the NIC issue was actually fixed. Sure enough, it works! Yes! I can dock my laptop into the station and charge it while having network connectivity without screwing around with pulling cables and cards from my laptop bag. I’m happy.

But the non-replacement thing still bugged the shit out of me. So I called Dell again. After about a half-hour on the phone, the tech scheduled an on-site repair to replace the DVD-rom, the LCD panel, and, assuredly, and for the third time since my purchase of the system, a replacement for the damned top plastic. Gah.

The field tech will contact me tomorrow for repairs. Hopefully this time tomorrow night I’ll have a completely whole, functional, and beautiful system again.

Tonight, I spent quite a bit of time at Mojo’s. Got a sizable chunk of coding done while hanging out with my friends. This is good. It’s surprising to me what I can do when I sit at the right table, have two cups of coffee, and get here at an early enough hour to get some time in on the Chrontium project. I’m happy.

And, with that update, I say G’nite.

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