Sunday update

Hi folks. Today was definitely a no-brainer. Went and hung out with a friend of mine until 8 this morning watching various late-night shows until we nearly drowned in our own drool. Finally got sick of that and watched “Brotherhood of the Wolf” — that movie was excellent. Loved it. The Italian chick, what a hottie. Got home around 8:30 and went to bed at 9, tired as hell. I must have been really tired because my dumb ass slept ’til 8pm! Can you believe it? Me. Sleeping that long. Any of you who know me would go, “Um, uh, yeah, like, uh, whodathunkit, yeah?”

So, I’m up, I’m groggy, and my back feels like one of those turkish windmill knots that Eagle Scouts earn merit badges for learning. Poked around online until some friends call me out. I take a shower, get dressed, and as I’m leaving I step outside and boom I instantly wonder why everyone in town decided to turn on their clothes dryers at the same time. Man, it was warm and hu-mid! I got acclimated to it after a while, but shit, after sleeping under A/C all day, first stepping out to that was a headknocker.

Hung out for a few hours at Mojo’s, and now I’m home at 2:30 in the morning, thinking I should at least lay down for a nap, which’ll be tough after a day full of sleeping.

Apparently someone in the neighborhood is burning trash because the air is extra hazy and it smells like burning insulation and plastic, which if you’ve been anywhere near a burning building you know that it’s never a good smell. Considering I live in an apartment building, a smell like that will always put me on edge. I’m just hoping that it’s only nothing more than someone in the neighborhood breaking city environmental ordinances and burning trash. It definitely reminds me to check my smoke detector, just in case.

On the upside of things, though, I do get paid tomorrow, which’ll be good. Seeing how rent is due, and my rent check’s already in the mail, it’d be nice to not have the check bounce, knowhutimean? I also get to pay some bills, too. Man, does this thing ever stop? Heh.

OK. On a final note, I’d like to give a shout out (am I white or what?) to all you fine folks who visit to read my journal. If you’d be so kind as to drop me a note through my [message gateway] to let me know you’re out there, I would definitely write you back. Consider this my ping into the murky ocean depths.

That is all. :hugs:

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