Is this week already half-over?

Groovy. Groovin. Grooved.

Had an entertaining evening at Mojo’s. Went earlier than usual, and ran into two of my buddies, Bart and Kate. We hung out and had a meaty chat. Was good. Later, Sarah (Bart’s girlfriend) showed up and hung out with us. Around 9:45, we all simultaneously got hungry (an oddity to be sure). We make a sudden plan for Olive Garden and caravan up there.

Luck would have it that OG closes at 10. Crap. Luckily for us, though, Chili’s was across the street and closed later at 11. Yay, pricey corporate food! It’s odd that earlier today I was thinking of eating corporate tonight, just didn’t think Chili’s. Who knew? And who knew Chili’s late-night would be a sports bar, eh? Could barely hear each other over the game. Hmph. But we pig out anyway, adding more fat to our asses because gawddamn it’s our raht! Whatever. Dinner was really, really good.

So, anyway, we split off from there and Kate and I came back to Mojo’s to hang out a little more, then decide to split off from there and go to our homes for the night. An evening well-spent.

I decided to take the long way home, just kind of meandering through east-side for a while, checking out Manor road and finding myself on 183. Took that north to 290 which, oddly enough, takes me right to the front step of my apartment building. I now realize that the new LED traffic lights they’re installing all over town are fucking bright at night and sometimes make it muy dificil to see the damned road. Grr.

So, home at last, I decide that if I couldn’t work on my main programming project this evening I could at least make a few stylistic changes on the stuff already posted here. Some changes may be imperceptible, but the major change was to my journal viewer code. Not completely what I’m looking for, but it looks a lot better. Take a [look].

So, the evening started off in the forest of taking care of business (read: bills and groceries), traversed through the field of serendipity, crossed the hills of happenstance, and stopped to rest at productivity creek (man, I should be writing corporate team-motivational memos). All-in-all, it’s been a decent night.

And now, Good Night. :) Keep in touch, y’all. Much luv.

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