A phaysis of discernable changes

Oh, ugh. I stuffed myself on Hunan Palace today. It was only a carryout of sweet-and-sour pork, steamed rice, egg roll, fried cheese wantons, and some hot-and-sour soup. :) Ugh. I feel so bloated. But it feels so goooood.

I do believe that the central Texas summer is well underway. The breezes are lightening, the air is thickening, the rain is taunting, and the temperatures are stifling. Now seems like a good time to take up that swimming hobby I’ve been putting off for so long. :) Luckily, the allergens are waning; my schnozz is feeling better. Generally, I was going through a few days where my body just wasn’t feeling well at all; little things are off-kilter here, annoyingly annoying there, etc. It’s all getting better. And that’s a good thing.

Last night, I really don’t know what I was so off about. I think my mood was OK when I left the house, but I’ll be god-damned if it didn’t take 20 minutes at Subway just to get my order taken. I swear to fucking god the *one clerk* behind the counter was stoned out of his gourd because his movements were slow and it took him forever to get simple tasks, like pulling a slice of meat from a stack, done. Anyone who’s ever been to Subway knows that their employees must be speed freaks given that they process the customers at break-neck pace. But, I’ll be damned, I just had to get a Subway sub to answer my all-day craving. And believe you me, after that experience, the sandwich was rather lackluster.

On my way back to my car, a bum, you know, that “blind” one, was leaning on my damned car. Can you believe the fucking nerve? Ok, so not only did he ask me for a cigarette when I got out of the car, but he leans on my car by the time I’m back. I said, “Man, get off my car,” to which he replied, “Oh, sorry sir. Was just waiting on my friend. Have a good evening.” As if. Obsequies aside, you just don’t lean on someone’s car unless you’re expecting trouble.

After eating the sandwich (elsewhere), I go to Mojo’s for some programming. I get a good chunk done, I think, but in order to do so I tuned out by plugging my ears with a mix of MP3’s specially selected to lift my mood and tune out the world. Well, I feel satisfied that I got some work done, but it was so tough to do with friends, people I know and/or people I’m attracted to, swirling around the shop in front of me as I sat at a corner table. I feel, sometimes, that perhaps it’s not my lot in life to be connected with Other People’s World, at least not quid pro quo. I dunno. Most of my friends there know me, but last night scarcely a few came up to me to even say “Hi.” It may have been, perhaps, my laptop and plugged ears; I have discovered that merely having a laptop open and on is innocuous, but having one and doing programming on it (gasp!) is a sure-fire killer of potential chats.

“Hey Shawn. Whatcha doing?”
“Eh, working on a program.”
Ew. Uh, ok. You have fun there.”

I dunno, though. At times I feel I’m a Friend to All, highly sociable, clicked-ON, and other times I’m further away than that distance of three feet between me and my friends can offer.

Ugh. Ok. Enough with the teen angst. sigh

It just seems my “glass door” is closed. Let us see how tonight fares.

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