1999-09-27 The Farm: thoughts (from the archives)

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[thoughts] something to consider.

Seeds of love

I witnessed the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen online this weekend. What I talk about is art. “Art online? There’ve been paintings posted online since the web began,” you say. No. This goes beyond pixelized retakes of realspace expressions of art. What I talk about is people going beyond the use of this medium, the web, to make us think, or make us know, or make us do something. No. What these people do is use the technology we have to make us feel.

Imagine, if you will, a site that takes you inside the bedroom of a couple expressing their love for each other, going deeper than lurid snapshots and low-refresh webcams; going deeper than sounds, deeper than motion. Through this medium, we can be taken inside the minds, hearts, and souls of those two people. We know what they think. We feel what they feel. We desire what they desire. We get to the core of their hellish unfulfilled desire for love. Such a site exists. [skinonskinonskin] is this site. The intro to the site is beautiful. A soft female vocal track swoons about the desire of love, of being a woman on fire, with a woman’s breath underneath a melodic loop that evokes you into feeling what she feels. Entering the site, you are taken into the beginning of a 90-minute experience that explores in indescribable terms the eroticism of love, desire, and passion of which we will never attain, and the hell created by that lack.

This is a project of hell.com, a small, extremely exclusive group of new media artists who collaborate on projects and exhibitions such as skinonskinonskin and [fakeshop] which are crafted and skilled to make us feel something, to evoke us into seeing something we’ve not looked closely at before, into being someone we never thought we’d be.

This inspires me. I’ve had thoughts of using the web as a fundamental artistic channel, but never on this level. This incites me to create. New muses are speaking to me. Hence the poem and the presentation of it at the front of this site. I want to use this medium, these new technologies not for the sake of using them, but ultimately, to mean something.

I want to go where I can express something in not so many words. The thought of what can be done chills me. I want to express emotion – I want to use a “writer’s mind” to conjure a world for you to become absorbed in. I want to find that deeper poetry.

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