Welcome to Phaysis (from the archives)

Part of a series of posts from my old website archives. Enjoy!

Welcome to phaysis.

New home.  New place.  New focus.
The Farm, as it is, is nearing its final days.  “The Farm” has been my sitename of choice for three years.  After carrying it as far as it can go, it’s time for The Farm to retire.

Phaysis is a new direction for me, a chance to go metropolitan in tone, design, and style.  The host for Phaysis supplies me with more capability, more control, and, admittedly, a lower cost.  This host allows me my first exposure with CGI programming and the strengths it brings with it.

This is my time to grow.

Be patient as Phaysis grows, changes, and progresses.  Right now, it’s a blank slate, but tomorrow, next week, later, it will be something very good.  If you like something about Phaysis, speak up; I do well with feedback.

Phaysis promises to go beyond the successes of the past.

Stay tuned.


What is “Phaysis”?

“Phaysis” is that grey area we live in, where we are changing, moving, evolving, yet nothing is really happening.  Through phases of both push and pull, a state of stasis is maintained.  Yet, this stasis cannot exist without the movement.

“phases impending stasis
stasis impending phases”

No matter what our state in life, we are always on the verge of something – something better, something worse.  If progress (or regress) are in dominant form, a step back from the picture shows that the opposite form is around the corner.

Phaysis is the constant battle of movement and non-movement.  Examine the spinning Phaysis logo in the bottom right corner of the window.  What is it doing?  It spins, but it goes nowhere.  Yet, it is also said that it goes nowhere, but it spins!  That is phaysis.

The face of phaysis is always changing.  Its appearance varies by our perspective, how we look at it, by what we project it onto.  Some cry “vanity!” and lose faith, while others look upon it and gain hope.  We feel it without touching it.  We cannot touch it.  We see it without looking at it.  We cannot look at it.  We know it without learning it.  We cannot learn it.  We call it Tao.  We call it Zen.  We call it the Holy Trinity.  We all address the same thing that we cannot possess, the one factor that is as deeply a part of everything that exists (and doesn’t exist).  “Each action produces an equal but opposite reaction.”  Phaysis is the duality.  Phaysis is the equality.  Phaysis is the nothingness.  That is phaysis.

I personally am on the verge of something good in my life.  I’m constantly on that edge.  I know it.  You know it about yourself.  I am also constantly on the verge of decay.  You can say the same.  Positive, negative, plus, minus, growth, decay, on, off, matter, antimatter = null.  That is phaysis.

Phaysis is in all things.  All things are in phaysis.  It is a part of everything.

That is phaysis.

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