Panic! At the Filesystem

Replacing disks in a software RAID is a nerve-wracking, stress-inducing, ITIL-remembering, backups-checking activity. And I’ve done it six times in the past week. First round was to replace the 5 disks in my FreeNAS box to upgrade the storage from 8TB to 16TB. Thankfully, ZFS is a stupendously rock-solid volume manager and filesystem. It has […]


I’m uncomfortable, this season of silence. The stomach acid I carry and hold deep inside wants release, but that would be violent. Emesis is a terrible thing. It is also no thing to let go slow, or the damage creeps up the esophagus, burns holes, damage to self. Hold it down, keep it in, swallow […]


Good news, everyone! The catalytic converter on my car has gone bad, and now my emissions control unit is throwing gang signs at me. Apparently it overheated due to a rich fuel/air mix, and the ceramic honeycomb inside has melted and knocked loose, which would explain the rattling for the past 2 weeks. I have […]