Good news, everyone! The catalytic converter on my car has gone bad, and now my emissions control unit is throwing gang signs at me. Apparently it overheated due to a rich fuel/air mix, and the ceramic honeycomb inside has melted and knocked loose, which would explain the rattling for the past 2 weeks. I have no choice but to get the entire integrated exhaust manifold / catalytic converter replaced at high cost.

I seriously need a job. Money’s running tight.

On that front, I have a few job leads, a couple that are in the background check phase. That’s all I’m going to say about that at the moment.

Currently, I am showered and winding down from walking all over the neighborhood racking up footsteps (and pinching my bad disc). I need more exercise.

Was going to work on this song I’ve been writing since Wednesday, but I don’t have enough time tonight before bed. I need to get up at 7am which, if you’ve seen me at all during the past 6 months, is fucking early (gotta get my car to the shop for service since the part is in). Music-wise, I’m racing the clock because the audio software I’ve been using for everything, it turns out, has a time-limited press demo serial key, and that key expires in 6 days. That’s barely enough time to mix, test, mix, test, mix, test before I’m ready to share. A fully-licensed copy isn’t available because the version I have is obsolete, and the newest version is over $200, which is something I can’t spare without shame.

Pressures. No wonder my chest feels like an elephant is sitting on it.

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