Really has been a Solitary Saturday. Spent all but 3 hours of it inside my apartment, mostly working on music. The song I wrote Wednesday has commanded a large chunk of my free time (which is fine, since I have a large chunk of it). The problem with spending so much solitary time is that I’m inside my own head and end up talking to myself. Even when I was at the cafe this evening, I just didn’t want to be with those folks, so I couldn’t catch a wave on any conversation that happened. I mean, I have stuff to say, but it’s not anything I think anyone would want to hear. I could express myself on FB, but nobody wants to see those posts. I could try IRC, but nobody’s on anymore. I really don’t want to express myself here, because it’s a blog, and blogs are stereotypically full of emo ranting, and I’m trying to not be stereotypical with my blog, but but but.

Yeah, save it for a paid therapist. Nobody else cares. Got it.

Things are great, and everything is fine. Thanks.

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  1. You just did the classic FB bait & switch. I’m so sad and really upset but I don’t want to talk about it. Come on. You’ve let it out on here for so long why stop now. It’s your place right.

    1. A problem with posting here is that it’s regretably public. It’s embarrassing to read these moments where I was too sincere. A shallow aloofness is valued in this culture, which is another reason I clam as much as I do.

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