Part of a series from the travelog of my trip to Seattle in October 2022.

Up spontaneously at 7:30am PDT. Jet lead.

Ballard Farmer’s Market, a Sunday fixture

Pulled myself together and met up with Jane and her daughter at the Ballard Farmer’s Market. They’d already gotten most of their groceries, so after the meat truck, we sat at Root Cafe. Weird espresso, weird space, but OK.

Magic Meat Truck. All kinds, locally raised and butchered by a small family farm.

We walked back through the market, then I parted ways to find breakfast and wander. No seating anywhere, no place to stoop without looking homeless. With nothing to wash down my meal, I walked all over looking for a bottle of water. This place is weird how basics like that require planning. Found a Starbucks way up the street in a QFC, got water, and then ate my food standing up on the front deck, like a goddamned vagabond. Ugh.

Ballard Lock and Dam, commercial channel

Walked west down Market to the Ballard Locks — so cool. Lots of pix and videos. 3.8GB. Ugh. Salmon ladder! Locks! Dam! Cantilever rail bridge! The Sound! Sailboats! Pontoon planes! Sea level!

Elevation: 4 feet.
Passenger ship channel, tall sailboat inbound, downstream.
Salmon Ladder, fully operational after renovations. Observation room beyond.
Carbs, grease, and fish. Everything a hungry boy needs.

Walked up, got fish & chips at Lockspot Cafe, uniquely situated to catch all the foot traffic out of the lock. Sufficiently greasy, carbo-loaded, and tasty.

National Nordic Museum, central hall, with boats and sculptures

Checked out the National Nordic Museum. $20. A-OK. Interesting. Fine. Explains the grand scale of the European landscape that’s considered Nordic, how those people traveled across North America to settle in Seattle and continue their naval lifestyles, and how the Nordic Model for a good life carried over into Seattle public policy.

Pinch point!

Weary from standing, I slogged my way up to Target for tissues & Benadryl because my nose is stupid. Don’t use a CPAP without a humidifier. Ugh. Feel so drugged and tired. My sinuses are in full revolt. This humid air is irritating every dried crack in my mucus membranes. At least that’s my working theory. Same thing happened on my Europe trip.

Sculptures on Market St

Feeling shitty, I went home, napped, got up, thought about going out for drinks — dazed and confused, I stayed home instead. Caught up on reading, then went to bed. I needed sleep.

Fucking Seattle.

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