Seattle Travelog Mon 10/24

Part of a series from the travelog of my trip to Seattle in October 2022.

My AirBnB booking for 26th-30th cancelled on me. “Sorry, we lost our license!” Gave me a full refund. Found another place on my own near to the lost rental for $300 less.

AirBnB support reached out and gave me a $111 coupon on my next rental. I asked if they could apply it to the one I just placed; they couldn’t. Asked if they could extend the offer for a year, because this is my yearly vacation. They couldn’t. So they asked me to create a merchant account so they could deposit the money. Fine. Yay.

Pivot and adapt.

Shredded pastrami breakfast sandwich, salad, and Americano at Sabine

Having brunch and writing this at Sabine Cafe on Ballard Ave. This place is Very Good. High end fare for a sandwich restaurant. Great coffee and staff. Went here on recommendation.

Not sure of my plans today. Maybe Fremont Troll, Black Sun sculpture, Bruce and Brandon Lee graves. Who knows?

Fremont Troll, menacing all passers-by on Aurora bridge

Took the 40 bus to Fremont and trudged up the hill to see the Fremont Troll under the Aurora bridge. Big, concrete, grasping a VW Bug, looking ominous as it exacts a toll. Menacing, but cute.

Moss Turtle, water sprinkler, and makeshift shelter

Around the corner, up the hill, is the Moss Turtle. Sprinkle water on it and make a wish.

Lake Union, middle of the Seattle isthmus

Hopped the stone railing and started walking across the Aurora bridge. It commands a great view of the dockhouses of Lake Union. Didn’t realize how long the bridge was until 1/3 of the way across, so I had to keep going — to ADVENTURE!

Boathouses and docks on Lake Union
Graffiti sticker on a suicide hotline sign on the Aurora bridge

Every estimate on the Transit app for getting to Volunteer Park from there was too long, so I opted to find the next bus downtown to rendezvous with Joe, who was getting out to check his PO Box. Had to take a pedestrian underpass to cross Aurora and wait for the express. Hung out at a Starbucks for an OJ and wifi. We met up, had drinks downtown, walked around, and went up to Ballard for dinner. Miso, sushi, and seafood yakisoba. Happy Birthday, Joe!

Sushi rolls

We walked to my place to drop off leftovers, then on to Jane’s for a social call. Was nice.

When Seattlites get together, they talk about transit and rent. Full stop.

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