So this weekend has seen some shakeup. I joined Mastodon and started learning about how it works and how that it relies on an open standard called ActivityPub, which allows separate sites to share activity such as posts, comments, etc. This is the nervous system between Mastodon sites, enabling them to federate (just like how IRC networks are federations of servers sharing messages, channels, and user lists). And Mastodon isn’t the only kind of service that uses the ActivityPub protocol!

With that in mind, there’s an ActivityPub plugin for WordPress, so I installed it here. I’m not sure what it buys me yet, but I’m assuming I can share a link on a Mastodon server and users there, as well as here, can interact.

If that’s the case, then it seems we’ve found whatever it was that we were searching for in the social web. We wanted to interact, but couldn’t because all of our user databases weren’t shared (OpenID and Oauth were tools toward that, but didn’t quite reach the goal). Maybe now that sites can not only link to each other, but also can share activity with each other in realtime, that’ll be the holy grail we’ve been searching for. Who knows?

I just hope I’m not opening this blog up for abuse. I’m watching you.

Anyway, it’s done, but also just now started. We’ll see what federation can do for us.

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  1. ShawnT says:

    @rufus Hopefully this works!

    1. Avatar photo Shawn says:

      One can hope!

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