In the Valley In the Fold

How do we know god exists? We cannot see god, but we can see the evidence of god. Is cleavage boobs? No, cleavage is not boobs. We cannot see boobs. But we know boobs exist because cleavage exists.

“Ah!” you say, “what about butt? Butt has cleavage!” That is true and good. We cannot see butt, but we know that butt exists. Cleavage could be many things. Manifold evidence!

Perhaps polycleavism is the one true path.

“Ah!” you say, “but I can bend my finger and create cleavage. I’m I a god?”

As is said in the verses: “Where two or more folds of skin are gathered in my name, so I am there among you.”

So like a trained yogi, we can all bend into holiness.

Published by Shawn

He's just this guy, you know?