Apparently this is post 939 on this blog. I would’ve rolled 1000 years ago if FecalDook and Shwitter hadn’t stolen my gas. Those platforms have really exhausted me. It’s bad enough that FB has turned into a shit pile of late: 3 posts from friends — only 1 of which is from today — and then nothing but “Suggested For You” teasers mixed with ads.

It’s like they’re repeating the mantra “Brought to you be Carl’s Jr” over and over in a panic as the world burns around them. Praying for that last bit of money. Clutching at dimes.

I make posts, but they get sucked into the vacuum, and it becomes a zero sum game. Negative sum, really. I get nothing out of it. And after that pandemic isolation, I’m fucking hungry for feedback.

To hell with apps.

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