Preacher, Choir

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I get it. I know why TED Talks are so popular. Why we watch them and share. We all fantasize about being that expert up there, giving our experiences and laying out the facts, as though the truth we bring forth is something everyone should hear, something everyone should take in.

We so want to be that person on that stage. And, to some extent, we carry on as though we are that person on that stage. Standing alone inside the red circle, our minutes counting down on a screen in front of us, we make our elevator pitch explaining our entire academic oeuvre to an audience who was not there during the hardest times of our research.

We want to be bringers of the holiest of light.

But nobody’s life is truly changed by a TED Talk, is it? At least, not those who didn’t already want it to be changed.

A lot of smart people out there; wise people. But not everybody with a strap-on mic is wise, no matter who vouches for them enough to give them stage time. So listen critically.

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