If You Understand, or If You Don’t

Remembering the time in the dorm, late spring 95, on a 3-way call with Pam and Karen having a really good chat and smiling, when I loaded my CD player, put earbud to phone, and played part of Enigma’s “The Dream of the Dolphin”, and they loved it. That was a special moment in time.

I miss those ladies.

If you understand,
Or if you don’t.
If you believe,
Or if you doubt.
Remember the shaman
When he used to say,
“Man is the dream of the dolphin”

Enigma: “The Dream of the Dolphin” (The Cross of Changes, 1993)

I miss knowing Pam is walking on this earth. I hope her family has picked up the pieces and continued walking for her.

As long as someone remembers, we live.

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  1. Correction: “Dolphin” was with Amy and Becky, and Pink Floyd “Take It Back” was with Pam and Karen. But that was subjectively such an amazing time in my life that I got these memories crossed, so I’m gonna let this stand.
    Remember to reach out and talk with your friends, because some day, you can’t.

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