With Prayer and Bailing Wire

So I consulted my handyman oracles and solved my broken antenna problem. We discussed using Lock-Tite, lock washers, even going so far as to drill and tap setscrews in the side of the receiving bolts. Ultimately, the best solution offered is to drill holes through the base of the hamsticks and use lockwire to prevent them from loosening in the breeze, similar to how lockwire is used in automobile and jet engines.

Fallen hamstick on right, bent from becoming a lawn dart 15 feet below.
Borrowed drill press. Use any sort of cutting oil, even on soft brass, to catch swarf and to lube the bit so it doesn’t overheat or dull.
Best to use slowest speed. Here’s the lowest gear ratio.
A 5/64″ bit eats the least material and gives a hole big enough for most lockwire.
Since I was doing one, I did them all.
Any steel or stainless steel lockwire will work. This is general-purpose steel utility wire from an auto parts store.
Bottom hamstick is solidly locked. Twist the wire and wind it clockwise around the bolt (righty-tighty).
Top hamstick with a bead of Ox-Gard, important in wet environments.
Top hamstick is now locked.
40m vertical dipole is back in the air! Unless the plastic breaks, the set screws on the whip ends come loose, or the tree falls, it will stay up for a long time.

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