Didn’t want to say it, but goddamn, “The Expanse” is a damn good series. I was initially dumbfounded and flabbergasted when the first episode of the first season played out eerily similar to my sci-fi ghost story “To Dust“, I mean really, really close.

But, really, physics is physics and the way you have to move in space is so patently obvious, even other writers recognize that. That at least gives me some confirmation that I’m not so off base in my assumptions of reality.

But that story of intrigue, damn. Ultimately, every good story isn’t a story about science, or fantasy, or superheroes, or rainbow-colored ponies — they’re about people wrapped up in power dynamics, about conflict, about drama, intrigue, subterfuge.

And this show has all that in spades. When you set the scene with all these self-interested parties arm-wrestling each other for some piece of roast on the table, things get very, very interesting. The story writes itself.

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