Produce, Express, Vegetate

No real news to post, but it’s a new month and the last night of a holiday weekend, so here’s me at the keyboard. Didn’t really do that much over the weekend, and that’s exactly what I needed.

Well, that’s kinda a fib, but whatever. Actually went out a few times and sat among the drunken public. Read a little. OK, fine, a lot, really. Churning through Jack Kerouac’s “Desolation Angels“; it’s a great rag.

Took some time this weekend to do things at the apartment. I hate being at home, but sometimes I have to be at home. Saturday, I did something unusual: I broke my schedule and didn’t actually go to Epoch after breakfast and shower. Madness! Horror! Really though, I made my own coffee during breakfast and stayed home Saturday afternoon, managed to do a ton of work on my To-Do list. Funny how that happens.

Funny still is how most of my To-Do list involves something on my home workstation PC. Finished my trip journal. Grabbed a bunch of billing statements. Balanced my checkbook. Waxed the tadpole. Cleaned the bathroom. Even dropped off the dry cleaning and went to the hardware store to get stuff for a radio project, and then assembled that project. Outstanding!

How did I ever find the time to do all this? Wait, I know, it’s because I didn’t sit at the cafe for an afternoon and waste the most productive hours of my day sweating on a patio. Shocking!

Even picked up the latest Tool album “Fear Inoculum“, and found it to be a next-level opening of the third eye so far.

I miss doing stuff and being productive. I used to look forward to sitting in front of my PC and churning through a project to produce a piece of pure gold, but now that I’m always online, that I’m always split between realtime, realspace, and the virtual world, I don’t want to commit to do anything. Half-assed actions.

Meh. To hell with all that. I need product.

So yeah, anyway, Labor Day weekend has been a busy, busy success. As proof of that, please enjoy this picture of a badass cold veggie salad I made. Cheers!

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