I think I’m naturally wired to quickly get bored.

The moment I learn a thing, do a thing, go somewhere, get settled in, I look up and around for the next nugget of interest, sifting through the chaos. My hobbies and lifestyle reflect this.

When it comes to supporting myself, I’m definitely a factory-worker kind of guy, pulling levers, getting a paycheck; a farmer, tilling the soil, sowing within the lines, reaping the grains when it’s time. But I have a hunter-gatherer heart, and I don’t trust in it to get me from season to season. I’ve never had faith in the future. And there’s the conflict.

I learn a thing, I know a thing, then I move on. I’m no expert at it, not by a long shot. But there I am, bored, looking for something new. It gets me into lots of interesting things and puts me in places of happenstance and serendipity, but I don’t feel like I profit from my finds. I end up sharing and telling people about the new thing I found, and they take it from there. That makes me a ranger, a rover, a muse.

To profit for myself, I need grit, tenacity, expediency, to finish before boredom takes over again.

A muse is someone who inspires others to achieve greatness without achieving any greatness of their own. Is that a bad thing? Is it a good thing?

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