Woke Nihilism

On the day of the burning of the Notre Dame cathedral, I was commiserating with a friend at the cafe about the disaster. A real moment.

Then another friend sat with us, tuned into our conversation, and brought up the fact that there are so many black churches that have been burned, and that the cathedral was probably built with slave labor because that was the style of the day, and that the Catholic Church has committed such atrocities and has enough money to fund the repairs on its own.

Look, dude, I get it, but you’re so woke you’re insufferable. Shut the fuck up. This isn’t about Flint, Michigan’s water supply problem. This isn’t about suppressed classes of people. This isn’t about everybody else’s suffering, as if that’s something that can be ranked and prioritized.

This is about a structure, a monument, a human work filled with history, heritage, and generations of longevity, falling to the forces of nature. Let us mourn, you bastards.

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