Unless some people told you, you’d never know they’d been on vacation.

Lights and sights on Monday nights
Mt. Tabor and its distant neighbor.
Blue to the zoo
Otter under wotter
Trunk punk slunk through his bunk.
Praise for the fallen
Eastbound, drawbridges down.
View in Lan Su
Heaven is a city named Powell
Strong breeze pacifies me.
Goonies never say Die.

Published by Shawn

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2 replies on “Portland”

  1. Tish West says:

    These are beautiful but how did you like the state or the people? The culture?

    1. Avatar photo Shawn says:

      Thanks for the compliments! Perhaps my next post or so will be about that. I have a few observations and opinions I still need to mull over. Good to hear from you.

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