Why, Why, Zed

Have a vacation coming up in mid-September. Nine days off. Right now, my highest plan is to visit Toronto; would be my first trip out of country. So many things to plan and expect. I need to find some way to carry money or a credit card while I’m there. I need to get my phone unlocked so I can buy a SIM card and a prepaid plan once I land. I need to book the flight. I need to book my lodging (hopefully a bed and breakfast). I need to assemble a list of things that would be cool to do and see. I have a few friends in Toronto that I’ve been wanting to meet in person for 18 years, so that will be good.

Ultimately, I just want to get away and feel like my life is worth living (my job is killing me).

If anybody has any advice, I’m all ears.

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  1. Chad says:

    Jealous! And also happy for you. I’ve never been to Toronto, so I have no practical advice. I hope you go! Have fun. Forget about work.

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