Red Light Rover

Million-dollar idea:

Assemble a set of 8 highly-directional speaker panels (electrostatic phased array type), with a pair positioned in a right angle at each corner of an intersection, high on the pole. The speakers point down at the heads of pedestrians across the street. Instead of indecipherable beeps to alert pedestrians (specifically blind pedestrians) when to cross the street, the speakers will emit a spoken message, tailored to the corner of the intersection, to alert pedestrians of when to cross. Pedestrians near the speakers will only hear a hissing noise, but pedestrians across the street will hear the message clear as a bell:

  • “Cross Koenig Lane, Northbound.”
  • “Cross Arroyo Seco, Westbound.”

With enough economy of scale, something like this could be doable on the cheap (especially when a municipal budget is concerned). Of course, simple speakers at ground level saying similar messages could help, but blind pedestrians sometimes have difficulty knowing which direction the speaker behind them is telling them to point when they need to cross.

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