Bug Juice

Been a few days since I’ve touched the booze, and I’m fine with that. Actually, since I started antibiotics for bronchitis last week, it’s been a rather dry week. Again, fine with that. I recognize that I do my liver no good service with carrying on the family tradition. But now that the antibiotic regimen is complete, I should be clear to have a nightcap, right? Nope. No sooner did I take my last pill, I came down with a massive cold/sinus infection. Good times.

It’s my hypothesis that since I started having adult beverages on a regular basis a few years ago, the incidences of me getting the common cold and general crud have dropped to every once in a blue moon. That speaks to the curative and preventative power of alcohol, which is essentially poisonous to bacteria, some of which produce alcohol as its waste. But once in a while, something sticks around and survives the nightly slosh and digs in for some massive screw-you to my systems. Other times, I have to stop drinking because of an antibiotic course, giving something else a chance to take hold and rip through me. This is one of those times.

Best I can do is hold on, take my meds to treat the symptoms, and hope this roller coaster ends soon so I can get back to work and normal life.

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